About Us

«SBCGroup» Group of companies «SBCGroup» is an expert in providing services in software development, solution integration, migration to new platforms, IT-consulting.
Experience allows us to successfully implement large and ambitious projects using innovative approaches and solutions.

Development strategy

Development strategy The development strategy of the group of companies provides for the withdrawal of their own work to a cloud environment to attract new customers among small and medium-sized and large businesses.
As well as the further promotion of the products of its own design, both on the domestic and on the Western market.

Own development

More The main product of its own design is a powerful software platform «SBC-Enterprise», consisting of flexibly adaptable to the requirements of the customer and mutually compatible components.
The basis of all decisions on professional experience in the successful implementation of projects for the development and deployment of software products


Partner program

Partner program The general partner of «SBCGroup» is «Aurea Software» (USA), which occupies a leading position in the production of integration software (Sonic, Actional and DataXtend, etc.), we actively used in projects of integration together with private developments.
In addition, we always welcome new productive partner interactions.

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Our clients:
ОАО «Концерн ПВО „Алма́з-Анте́й“»
ПО «Белоруснефть»
ОАО «Лукойл»
ОАО «Криогенмаш»
ОАО «Нафтан»